About WE charity

WE Charity is a global NGO headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

The charity works in Canada, the US, and the UK to help kids gain awareness of social issues and access materials to start their own volunteer initiatives. Around the world, WE Charity tackles the underlying causes of extreme poverty through its five-pillar approach to development, focused on capacity-building and access to quality education in rural and under-served areas.

WE College is an accredited post-secondary institution in Narok County, Kenya,
offering top-tier, interactive programs. This is an important milestone for the organization that marks more than two decades of community partnerships in Kenya and the completion of an academic pipeline that starts in the primary and secondary schools that WE Charity supports in rural Kenya.

Educating the next generation of young leaders is part of WE Charity’s commitment to sustainable impact.

About WE Villages

WE Villages is an agile model built on 20 years of experience collaborating with dedicated community members and international development experts to find solutions that work.

It includes five areas of focus, with education being the first and foremost.

When children are denied access to education, they are often left with no choice but to begin working in exploitative, dangerous jobs, allowing the cycle of poverty to continue. That’s why WE Charity began its work with a focus on education. Now, WE Villages works to create sustainable, positive social change in multiple areas.

WE Villages’ five areas of focus are:
Education, Water, Health, Food, Opportunity

How WE Villages Works

Here’s how WE Villages is changing lives and transforming communities.​

  • A whole-hearted approach.  Abject poverty is a multifaceted issue, therefore one single solution is not enough. Our five areas of focus— Education, Water, Health, Food, and Opportunity—provide solutions that support and amplify each other to create long-lasting change.
  • Letting communities lead. The people in our partner villages own and direct their own projects to create lasting change. We also align closely with local governments.
  • Linking global groups. When you back WE Villages, you become part of an international group of supporters. Our partners and supporters at home connect with villages overseas to build relationships that ignite global change. And on a ME to WE Trip, you can travel to meet and work with people from different backgrounds and cultural experiences.
  • Full transparency. External experts have vetted our programs from every angle. They found that our work is valuable and efficient and built to last.
  • Sustainability or bust. If we can out ourselves out of business, that is the ultimate goal. We want people in the villages we work with to get the training and resources needed to thrive for generations.
Classrooms across Kenya
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WE Charity’s work in Kenya

For more than two decades, WE Charity has partnered with various tribed in rural Kenya, facilitating programs that will brighten futures, while celebrating and sustaining their own rich traditions.

​A look at WE Villages in Kenya:

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  • 11,500 students attend our schools every day
  • 200 classrooms and other school structures have been built
  • Constructed Kisaruni Group of Schools, a multi-campus boarding school that hosts both boys and girls who have graduated from primary schools in our partner villages
  • Baraka Hospital and Kishon Health Centre are providing tens of thousands of patients with high-quality medical care
  • WE College will educate thousands of bright young minds over the coming years
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WE College is an accredited post-secondary institution in Narok County, Kenya, offering top-tier, interactive programs. WE Charity is a global NGO headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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