What makes WE College Unique

IT Integration

WE College is a sophisticated learning environment that supplements
carefully crafted curriculum with IT and leadership integration, delivering top-tier
education in the rural region of Narok County.

WE College is equipped with high speed internet, allowing students in rural Kenya to connect with the world as effectively as their urban counterparts. Proficiency in technology is vital to the success of future graduates, increasing their ability to access information, communicate, and engage with the computer programs required for their field. From accessing patient record systems at hospitals to customer databases for tour companies, our graduates will be prepared to excel in the tasks they will be assigned in their future careers.

When I first saw the computer, I thought it was so complicated, but once I started learning, I realized it was simple. I love learning about blogs and I want to write one about my own journey of becoming a nurse.”

- Betty, student in the School of Nursing


For many young people in rural Kenya, college is cost-prohibitive. With funding from WE Charity’s contributors, WE College offers full bursaries to every student admitted, with a needs-blind application process.

I’m so grateful for this chance in life. I waited six years and overcame so many struggles for this opportunity. I never thought I’d get the chance to be a person that others look up to or that I could help those in my community. I’m so grateful.

- Betty, student in the School of Nursing

Leadership Program

WE College encourages students not only to excel academically, but also to develop leadership skills that will serve them in their career progression and personal growth. Over two years, students participate in a unique and mandatory leadership curriculum that cultivates effective interpersonal and communication skills, with a practical component that gives them experience with community projects.

When I first came to WE College, I was so shy. I was nervous to meet my fellow students and kept my ideas to myself. But now, thanks to the leadership program, I am much more confident and look for opportunities to share my ideas. Knowing that others value my ideas and my voice makes me feel so strong.

- Jackline, student in the School of Nursing
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WE College is an accredited post-secondary institution in Narok County, Kenya, offering top-tier, interactive programs. WE Charity is a global NGO headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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